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Mental Health Nursing: A Career Choice

At the outset of late 1800s patients in mental facilities started getting support for quality nursing service. The movement, from an initial advocacy of giving medical attention for state wards who are mentally-ill, has grown into a specific field of nursing science campaigning for the medical attention to be given to those who are mentally-ill. In all nursing education programs, psychology subjects which are necessary for psychiatric-based health nursing, are integrated.

Different areas in patient care have a psychiatric health nursing professional. Mental health nurses work in different health care areas such as in hospitals, home health care and mental health centers operated by the government. From nursing colleges, private clinics, military force, to prison facilities, you can find a mental health nurse working there.

Mental health nursing works in the fundamental stages of care. A psychiatric nurse in helping the client and their family works towards, knowing client’s mental status, treatment requirements and treatment plan. This nursing specialization works not only on improving the physical aspect but also the mental aspect of the patient, who is coming into terms with the mental illness and is developing the strength to counter the deterioration of his or her well-being. The patients they care for have special needs, and they offer treatment which is a mixture of standard health care, mental health crisis management and counseling services.

To become a mental health nurse, you have to acquire a nursing degree and license but it does not stop there. Finishing a doctoral or master’s degree is required to become a specialist in clinical nursing or a practitioner in psychiatric nursing in the mental health field. Mental health professionals can either work with small children, old people or other groups to specialize and focus their nursing skills to become an expert.

As mental health nurses work more closely with a certain age group, he or she is exposed to their special needs and this in turn widens the knowledge of the mental health nurse in providing a specific treatment. Inspecting the duties and responsibilities of a psychiatric nursing specialist, shows that they are more independent than the other fields of nursing. Some states allow them to make prescriptions for medicines.

The knowledge they have to know and skill sets they have to learn in becoming a mental health nurse professional are so wide in range and is perfect for the treatment they provide physically and mentally. With the capability to diagnose and treat the majority of regular mental health disorders, these experts are the first to respond to such dire situations, and as well as respond to individuals who are emotionally-disturbed from domestic abuse or substance abuse.